Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I make my own dresses

Written by Alicia
Thank you Lucy for having your great site. I am glad to learn that some women really love to see their significant males love to dress in women’s clothes! As most of us, I tried on dresses of my sister when I was a young teenager. However I got scared with the idea that perhaps I might be gay and dropped any of my interest in women’s clothes. Of course I was not gay and found a great partner. She hates “Macho Men” the same way I do and we married happily. Then when caftans became popular in the 70th she suggested that I buy one. The cost was such that we did not want to spend the money on them so I convinced my wife, who used to sew most of her own dresses, to make me one. She made both of us a matching caftan, and at that time I got interested in sewing. She taught me how to sew and after that time, I started to sew long skirts for myself. Of course I dreamed about short skirts and dresses, but I did not want to “push my luck’ with her.

Over time however my wife got used to me sewing skirts for myself and did not question me about it. Now I have more than 70 skirts, 25 dresses more than a dozen petticoats and many tights to go with my outfits. Almost all the skirts and all the dresses I made myself. I hate to cook, but wife is a great cook. So when we have dinner at home I usually dress up in a skirt or dress, while she is preparing dinner. I have made a few skirts for her also, but she has never worn one of them. She prefers to wear pants. I feel like a princess when we have dinner! The nice thing about making your own dresses and skirts is that you can make them fit well, choose your own colors, patterns and materials and for a small cost compared commercial available outfits.

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