Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Journey: A Customer Testimonial on Suddenly Hormone Supplements

As a personal shopper and customer consultant here at SuddenlyFem, I am ALWAYS asked about our hormones for men. As I tell everyone, results vary on a case by case basis--but one of my "regulars" as I jokingly refer to her, was willing to tell her story in using our hormone supplements. Hope this helps! And thank you Renee for sharing your journey!

My Journey

I would like to tell you about my journey and how your products, specifically your natural hormone supplements have helped to enhance my chances of getting to the end.

There were many concerns that I had about taking synthetic hormones. The dangers that they posed, far out weighed the risk that I was willing to take to achieve my goals. I was also concerned with the fact that, once I started taking hormones, the changes might be very fast, and if I were to change my mind, I would not be able to reverse the changes that would be made. Like so many, I was at a defining moment and had to make a decision of whether or not to continue pursuing my goals. In reading the multitude of articles out there about synthetic versus natural hormones, I happened upon your company. I found your company to be both professional as well as informative when it came to getting answers to my questions.

The goals that I wanted to achieve, were as follows:

  • Softer more feminine looking facial skin with pore reduction

  • A more feminine looking frame size

  • Less hair growth on the body as well as the facial are.

  • An overall more feminine shape to the body in total.

In talking with Danielle , I was more then pleased with her help and guidance. She completely explained to me what I could expect to see in the way of results if my body reacted positively to the regime that she was suggesting. I started with the Estro Boost product, and then added the Booster Plus product to it as well.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. My face is extremely smooth and feminine, and my pore size is more that of a woman, and not the larger pores that we males tend to have. In addition to this, my overall skin is much smoother, the hair growth has been greatly reduced, both on the facial area and the rest of the body, and my overall feminine shape has really started to take hold. There have been no side effects and I just think the products are wonderful!

I like many of you, wanted to see results. Like many of you, I wanted to see them fast or I wouldn’t be happy. The truth of the matter is that you have to have patience. The immediate results that we all want to see, really takes time.

At first, I could tell the changes were happening. My facial area was starting to take on a different shape, and my shoulder and neck areas were starting to change as well. The muscle mass that I once had, was starting to be redefined reduced and re distributed. The skin started to soften, and there were signs that my mid section was being reshaped as well. Of course I was very pleased and excited. With my excitement, I wanted it to happen faster and I wanted to see some breast growth as well, but I had to remember to be patient. I had to remember that this was a process and that you were totally re defining your body, which is a time defined process.

Now, after being on the natural hormones for a few months, I have witnessed a transformation process that has exceeded my original expectations. My frame size is more feminine then masculine, the facial and body hair has been greatly reduced and my face is ultra smooth. The mid section has now been reshaped and my feminine curves are in all the right places. My breast area is showing good signs of growth and I look great in that little black dress that I purchased as well.

I can say that I am absolutely pleased and amazed at how your product works, and the support that your company gives to their clients, is nothing but top shelf.

I highly recommend the hormone supplements that you are producing, and if your clients walk before they run, they will see amazing results as well.

I have attached a before and after picture for your viewing. As you can see, the transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

Thanks Danielle for helping me along my journey.


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