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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Boys Will Be Girls Gallery - 5

Source : boyswillbegirls.com


  1. Stop calling it "SISSY" that is a crime, is every woman that wears men's clothes a "LESBION" no but that get accepted as their right. So why is it not the right for males to delve into their inner persona. The girls like to bandy around the word "EQULITY" but they and society only want "EQUALITY" to be biased or one sided.
    So now is the time to rethink the gender stereo-types and develop a new perspective on the male who after all is only a corrupted female for the reason of procreation. I am sure that all your readers know or should know that all males start their journey of life as a female and get converted along that path. So to all just ask this very simple pair of questions why, do men have nipples they do not feed babies and more importantly why do men contract and die of breast cancer, why because of that bit of girl that is in all males.
    So rethink stereo-typing and be a better person.



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