Sunday, February 22, 2015

знакомства с кроссдрессинг

wife feminized me

femme m'a féminisée

знакомства с кроссдрессинг

Soția mă feminizată

wife feminized husband

esposa me feminizada

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Female Body Builders

female gym workout

female dominating society


Femme Body Builders

male bodybuilders in female clothes




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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obsession of My Long Hair

Así es como me crié a obsesionarse con el pelo largo hermoso y cómo esto se tradujo en una obsesión por la belleza femenina.

When I was a very young boy, as far back as I can remember, I was always very shy about my hair. To me, it was a very intimate part of my body and I felt very exposed when people mentioned it to me or touched it. This happened a lot because I had very pretty hair by most people's standards. It was always relatively long and curly so I often got mistaken for a girl (which bothered me at the time). I often felt violated when someone brushed my hair, like you might feel if they touched you in your private area. I suppose I associated hair with sexuality long before I knew what s*x was.

Having my hair cut was of course the supreme form of violation to me. I hated haircuts more than anything really. Even though my mom liked my hair and allowed it to grow a few inches long, she would still give me forced haircuts so it never grow longer than that. She'd say the other kids would laugh at me if I don't cut it but truth of the matter was that they laughed at me only when I did have it cut.

When I was about 11 new urges started to emerge. I wondered how amazing it must be to have really long hair like a girl and I became obsessed with the idea and girls with long hair. Everything to do with long hair was a source of absolute fascination to me: ponytails, buns, brushing and washing. I tried to die ponytails in my hair even though it was not quite long enough for that and I loved the feeling of having it pulled into one place. It was intensely sensual to me. Sadly, I was still subjected to forced haircuts though and that would last until I was about 16.

I also realized that I was basically a submissive boy and one day the opportunity came for some very exciting forced feminization with some girls in my class. We were hanging around in some study room when one of them suggested tying my hair into a ponytail. The others immediately jumped on and they were quite forcefully coercing me to let them. Though I was very excited, I also had a reputation to watch out for because even though I was shy and sensitive inside I didn't show that to others. I remember sitting down on a chair kind of automatically even though I told them I didn't want this and the girl who's idea it was said "that's right. sit down nicely like a good boy" in a very dominating and maternal manner (so as to make fun of me) and quickly grabbed my hair  and tied it and laughed out loud. One of the girls actually said it looked good and that was my opportunity to get a sequel from this.

On another day I came to her study room and hinted that we could experiment with my hair a little further. Soon the others joined us one by one and then the idea was to put me in pigtails - very embarrassing (and exciting to me). All four of them where cornering me and then pushed me into a chair while two of them started tying my hair into pigtails. I know it's strange of most guys but for me it was awesome. Later that evening one of them picked up on this and became very domineering with me saying unexpectedly "right, that's enough, now I'm going to tie you into pigtails", but one of my guy friends was there too so I couldn't stick around to give her the chance - sadly.

So what does this have to do with cross dressing? Apart form my obvious association of long hair with femininity, I suppose not much. But it did lead me to take the feminization a step further some years later when I secretly tried on a party dress of my sister. That was such an intensely sensual experience that I got hooked for life. Still obsessed with long hair but now I have other obsessions too. Even though ordinary s*x is not very interesting to me my life is full of so many exciting other fantasies and games. For example because of the forced haircuts from my childhood given by a domineering mother, I've also become obsessed with haircuts - preferably given by force. Sounds crazy I know but that's the sub in me. Having your hair cut against your will is like the ultimate way to be subdued to me.
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Male Barby doll fashion

men as barby doll
barby doll dress for menhommes comme barby poupée

male acting as female

childen crossdress party

small boys in girls costume

child cosplay

hombres como muñeca barby

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