Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The attitude makes the wearing .

It's a matter of logic: you're in a city with millions of inhabitants representing millions of possibilities and contradictions. If a man is dressed woman through the streets, this is only one of many variants covering transvestism in Guadalajara: there are from those hiding to try on the garments of his wives, even those who hold cuerpazos operated any porn star envy (except, perhaps part, though Freud says otherwise). Something has the feminine side in some men when they experience the traps and not loose, like heroin junkie takes over the body in a way trip. And in any case, there are many fans of this activity. For now, there is someone who is already serving that market is incalculable transvestites closet.

Travéstyle Karla is a female soul manifested in this existential level three or four times a month. She handles the Travéstyle agency, a service which includes processing, basic tips transvestism, beverages and shoot everything in absolute discretion. The rest of the time, your body is occupied by a married man of around thirty years old and supposedly no one suspects that sometimes becomes a woman.

"I care not be gay or transgender, rather it is like an escape for me. I start to make up and I miss my pressures of life of man. I like to see in the transformed mirror, is a joy for me, and once the session toss everything and do not want to know about it until weeks later, "says Karla, who is in his masculine side to take a frappuccino at a cafe Chapultepec, and yes: it's very easy to imagine him dressed as a woman. He is accompanied by Alejandra, professional makeup artist and wife of birth which is responsible transform clients.
femulateIn Travéstyle attend dressed in closet 25-45 years of age, including all kinds of professionals and politicians are counted. It's like a "Pimp my machine" where the challenge is to get women out any rough hairy bastard within. The mechanics are simple: the customer takes one of two branches (in Bugambilias or the American colony) and from crossing Gate is treated as a woman if you prefer. The session starts with a customer oriented which defines its objectives talk, are given tips makeup colors remaining, is taught to walk in heels and express their femininity through attitude. Karla says: "I could you transform yourself right now, but if you have attitude of man you will not see well, indeed, without completely transform with the mere fact that expose your feminine attitude manage real transformation".

The service includes a variety of wigs and an extensive wardrobe for a look that can go from hipster chava to teibolera. After the transformation, dressed can happen to a photo shoot and have a few drinks, but not too many, that drunkenness does not distinguish fetishes. "Once we almost had to call someone up, a customer was fart and began to believe the queen of who knows what, we shouted leave me alone!". Karla note that on another occasion, reached Travéstyle one grumpy guy who may well have been a hit for those who take lives when not walk joteando: proved to be one of the most tender transvestites, named Liliana and even was necessary to teach walk in heels, and knew all necessary.
What I do not like Karla is that your agency operate as an incubator for transvestites, but estimated that ten percent of its customers began its journey towards transgender from the first session. It depends on each person, but in the end Travéstyle may end up being a small academy where dressed graduate to expound their femininity in places like the Warlords or Plaza del Sol bar. This place is known for the quality of transvestites Monday Sunday prostitution by the surrounding streets. The more they look like women, over charge for pick and reject people with camera. However, outside a Oxxo may encounter one of the funniest characters in the whole area.

Montserrat may not be material for a gay beauty contest, but talk to her gives the feeling of hanging out with Tesorito. Veteran of Jewellry, this woman is assumed as such for 15 years, when the identity change was considered an administrative offense for the good consciences of Guadalajara. "This was before we were hiding, the police did their operational and as we got out of the taxi handcuffed us, but with all wives and slippers fcuk your mother! we got out of the patrol, "he says, and immediately surprised when my companion points his camera lens:" What shrimp, mana! Do not you trajistes another little girl? ".
To hold all night chasing men shoes, Montse reveals his trick: wear heels without lids and already peeled. This allows you to run if necessary, because you never know when a guy gives a fcuk in the non-sexual sense. "It has happened that as you look out the car pull you by the hair and drag you. Once they came to drag me to the Loma Bonita hotel, but I got up, and as the guy was still stopped the car I say 'look what I did?' Now you mine, and you toss the shoes in the face. "
In that corner up to 14 transvestites gather on weekends. Montse says there are busy days and others not so much, but nothing is wasting time, "you have fun, at least all joterío comes and then we joteas". For 500 pesos you can take with her, but the rate increases if you want the disgust stamina and do well with a friend of yours. "Often they want you're touching and massaging the chick, uy horror! my respect for the tortilla truth, and I saw the chingadera repegándole there, oh no, how you think! If both have wool! Well, is that mine is more modern, is to handle, "he laughs.

TravestisA customer who visits the area followed, apply a trick that will Montse pushes your buttons. She goes for it in a van, and upon arrival confesses he is not alone: ​​his wife, who has followed in another vehicle, also wants to take leg. "Have you been watching? Did he give you permission or what? "Asks the transvestite before making a higher pay for the double service. "I already saw I there embarrándome milk mustaches, oh no, imagine mana!" He says with a higher voice to express the horror that causes the idea. "If you really do not know how you do lesbians pa 'fill. Yes mana, pos one is, men as you do so [signal puñeta air] but among women? oh no, well I desperately wanting to get egg that mother ".
A Montse whole time she drops her top and has to accommodate the bra. "Women have breasts and breasts" he explains, "and cows have boobs and everything else". Suddenly, asking me to portray with my partner, hugs and knowing that attitude makes the transvestite, tells how in the picture: "As we are much puteamiento". A silver Tornado van round the place, it's the second time I turn around and understand that it is time to let Montse to do their work, hoping that this time not desgreñen and asked to have sex with sex not as opposite .
"Here comes my husband, I told you today would scamper men" and so vanishes into the darkness one of many paradoxical examples of femininity that are closeted or not, the streets of this city are offered in all sizes, colors and flavors that can desire an outdated lover simulation.


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