Friday, October 7, 2016

Young Males are Enjoying being Pretty and Feminine!!!

Here is a post from a Forum that I visit, a response to Woman that had seen a Boy in a Skirt....I like that this person's Sighting had the Mother in a "Masculine" Outfit while her son was in a Pretty dress and pantyhose!!

your sighting reminds me of one I came across many years ago (mid-eighties) in San Francisco, CA. My wife and I had lunch on Sunday at a moderately fancy restaurant on California Street almost on top of Nob Hill. A couple with a child of 8 or 9 years came in and were seated at a table near us. The man was in smart casual attire, the woman wore blue jeans and a black biker-style leather jacket. The dark-haired child had a bob and wore an antique pink dress with frills, white pantyhose and mary janes. The child showed some unsual behavior contrasting the good-girl outfit, speaking at a loud, rather low voice, and moving around at the table. The parents even apologized to us.
The waiter, a young man wearing a litte black, rather feminine looking bib apron, showed up to take their orders. Doing so, he addressed the child, "And for you, Miss?" The father interrupted, telling the waiter, "It's "Sir", please." With remarkable self-control the waiter murmured an apology.
I sat there stunned. Having been an occasional crossdresser since early childhood, I felt some envy growing inside me. I would have loved to wear such dresses when I was a boy. And why did this boy wear such a feminine dress with his mother donning such masculine-style attire. I still regret that I did not dare to ask.

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