Sunday, October 26, 2014

Models Touched By Nature Photoshoot

The Amazonian Adventuress

Her green harness and chiffon peek-a-boo dress, and ammolite slice pendant necklace leave little to the imagination. She is a woman of camouflage, mystery, and nature.

The Cave Woman Way

Her soft brown jacket and ancient Iranian agate necklace contrast the rocky edges of the cave with her soft, feminine heart. She is the woman of the caves with sexy, tribal instincts.

The Woman of the Dunes

She says it all in her beige swathe jacket and statement mother of pearl pendant necklace. She owns the land and is an artist in the sand who will always stay close to her Aqua sister.

The Girl Who Plays With Fire

Her red tassel dress flickers like flames and emerald rock and baroque pearl rings give her power and strength to destroy those who  cross her path. She is a fiery woman, full of passion, heat, and desire.

The Aqua Woman

Her turquoise lingerie and sheer blue shawl are as cool as her mood. She is goddess of the waters, calm and serene, and looks to Buddha in moments of doubt.


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