Sunday, October 26, 2014

Justin Bieber's Pet Monkey Is In Prison!

Ever wondered how the world’s hottest musical talents spend their “quiet” time? Well, while Rihanna plays dress up for the day, Beyonce kicks back in some new wheels, and Justin Bieber gets into some big trouble with Mally the monkey.

Ever since the launch of Rihanna’s sell-out collection for River Island last month, it’s not just her adoring fashion followers that can’t get enough of the sexy looks. This week, the Roc Nation princess slipped into a number of her own creations including a crop-dungaree top teamed with backwards cap and Chanel earrings, and a street-chic black maxi dress with white Tee, and showed us just what we’ve got to live up to in her designs.

And while Rihanna has been playing model for the day, Beyonce has been kicking back and chillaxing in yet another new set of wheels, and no, this time it’s not a racing bike, but something a lot more yellow, found in New York City, and she’s not even in the back seat! Beyonce? Diva? We don’t think so. To the Carter residence please!


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