Sunday, October 26, 2014

Requirements list

Below are Requirements  which we need before publish your content on our website:

1. Article / Story - If you want to send only your article/story, then it should be of minimum 350 words.

2. Article / Story and Pictures -  If you want to send your article/story, as well as pictures, then article should be of minimum 180 words and pictures should be minimum 5-6.

3. Only Pictures - If you want to send us only pictures, then minimum pics should be 7-8.

4. Videos - If you want to send your Video, Then please send it with proper title and a little description (minimum 80 words). You can also send your article/story or pictures with your videos, if you want.

***  In addition, if you want to add your Facebook or Google+ id url to your post, then please send it with the Above Requirements. ***

 Warning- Don't send any kind of adult Content or transparent clothing pictures or poses.

Send You content on below given Email Id. 

 Note - If above Requirements not matched, then your content may not be Published.


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