Saturday, November 1, 2014

a schoolgirl for Halloween

I had picked out my Halloween costume months ago: a girl in a school uniform. (I was inspired by Elizabeth Hurley’s schoolgirl outfit in the movie Bedazzled.)
I searched the Internet and found a number of sites that sold school uniforms. The French Toast site had a nice selection, reasonable prices, and sizes that would fit me. I ordered a white, short sleeve blouse with a Peter Pan collar, a red and black pleated skirt, a matching cross tie, and white knee socks. I already had a pair of black, Mary Janes with a chunky heel.
It was my first time out since spring, so it took longer than usual to get ready (more than normal hair removal and lack-of-practice cosmetic skills). I looked cute in that outfit.
My wife had a red hair band that I was going to wear, but it did not look right. My daughter suggested putting my hair in a braid or pigtails. Pigtails with red ribbons were perfect; they completed the look.
I put on my coat, grabbed my purse, and went to the 2002 installment of my support group's Halloween party.
I had an urge to share my costume with the general public. First, I tried Dunkin’ Donuts, but the place was empty. Next, I tried Stop and Shop. It was very busy, but I chickened-out. As I drove on, I tried to think of other places to try and I remembered the CVS near the site of my support group’s meeting.
I pulled into the CVS parking lot and the place was full of cars. I did not hesitate. I parked the car, grabbed my keys and wallet, and went inside.
Two couples exiting the store barely noticed me. I walked to the back of the store to get a Pepsi and passed a few more people who never paid me any mind.
I figured out why the store was busy… a lot of people were in the Halloween department, buying candy, costumes, and whatever.
I headed to the registers. There were two lines, which soon expanded to three. A young boy in front of me, smiled at me and I smiled back, but no one else seemed to notice me. The cashier did not seem to have any reaction either. After I paid the cashier and walked out of the store, the same boy was standing near the door checking out newspapers or whatever and he watched me intently as I walked out.
Boy, was that anti-climatic! Did I pass or did everyone avoid me like the plague? I dunno. I actually made eye contact with a lot of the people I saw, but besides the young boy, they never reacted. It was like I was invisible. Whatever… it sure boosted my confidence and the mall is on tap for a future adventure.
I arrived at the party and there was a good crowd… the usual and a few newbies. My costume was a hit. Everyone who had a camera took a picture of me. There were four costume contest categories and I won for the scariest… scary in that a 50-something man was impersonating an 18-year-old girl impersonating a 12-year-old girl. That is scary!
My prize was a neat makeup mirror. It consists of two mirrors (one normal, the other magnified) mounted on either end of a bendable neck. When you are using one mirror, the other mirror serves as the base.
I had a very good time.


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