Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Secret Princess

I haven't always been into crossdressing, and compared to most of the stories I've read, you could say I'm a bit of a late bloomer. I can't remember exactly when I started feeling attracted to wearing women's clothing, but I can place it to somewhere in my mid-to-late teens. What I can recall is being at a concert with my girlfriend at the time. We were walking around and I saw two girls wearing brightly colored tutus (they were more like petticoats to be honest) walking around and I froze. I mean, I knew ballerinas wore tutus but I never really thought much of it until that very moment. It looked very attractive and appealing to me. I turned towards my girlfriend and asked her if she would ever wear that. She kind of shrugged it off and said "maybe, I wouldn't buy one though". I asked her what if I bought one for her to wear and she said sure. I went online and bought a black petticoat (she wasn't very much into pink, but she sure loved black) for her.
When it arrived at my house, I immediately took the package to my room, locked the door, and looked at it. Before I even realized it, I had tried it on and this rush, this feeling swept over me. It felt so right, and wonderful. I was instantly turned on. The next time she came over, I gave her the petticoat, she slipped it on and, being a dancer, she twirled around a bit in it. I told her it looked very attractive and one thing led to another and I made love to her while she wore the petticoat. Afterward, she said it was kind of scratchy and while she liked it, she said she didn't see herself wearing it very often. She did however wear it to my house once or twice more until she accidentally left it in my room and just sort of forgot about it. I certainly didn't. I remember trying on the petticoat and twirling and prancing and being so flushed and turned on by it. I had no idea I felt this way. Of course, my first instinct was to keep it a secret, so when I was done, I shoved it to the back my closet, to be unseen and unknown by anyone except me.

A year or so later, that same girlfriend and I went to her high school prom (I had graduated two years before), and like most couples, we rented a hotel room and stayed the weekend. She wore a big, ruffled, absolutely beautiful purple prom dress that I secretly adored but never let it show except for a casual "That dress looks nice on you" comment. Over that weekend, while at the pool, she noticed she forgot her cell phone and asked me to run up to the room to get it. I went up and found it in the closet...along with her dress. I stared at it for a few seconds before deciding to put it on. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt so pretty. I couldn't believe I was actually wearing a dress! A poofy prom dress no less! I was in heaven. I then realized I was taking a bit longer than I should have so I took it off, grabbed the phone and headed back to the pool, after I had "cooled off" a bit.

At this point, I was extremely secretive about my crossdressing. I only got to try on the prom dress once, but I wish I could've kept it forever. Years went by, my girlfriend and I went through a very painful breakup, and I was single for the first time in 4 years. I never told her that I tried her dress (or that I kept her petticoat). Eventually, the petticoat ended up getting thrown out along with a bunch of random things in my closet during a cleaning by accident. At this point, I was working a full time job and I came across a costume site that had tons of fairy tale (among other things) costume dresses and it dawned to me that I could actually afford to buy my own clothes! I set a little aside and purchased an Alice In Wonderland costume along with a new petticoat to go with it. When it finally arrived, I tried it on and felt magical. I have always loved the dress Alice wears, so while wearing it, I felt innocent, vulnerable, and delicate, but also very pretty. I still have that costume, and sometimes when I'm alone and the urge strikes, the dress comes out and I go in. I plan on visiting the costume site again soon to purchase my next dress, Rainbow Brite (complete with a rainbow tutu, of course)!

I came across your site a little while ago and I was fascinated by your articles. How wonderful it is for a girl to be into crossdressing! I've always been comfortable in my sexuality and while my crossdressing habits first kind of scared me a little (as well as excite me!), I kind of settled into the notion that I just liked wearing women's clothing. It first started off as a sexual attraction, and for the most part it still is. It has since evolved to include more than just sexual thoughts. I love the feeling of wearing a petticoat and nothing else. I absolutely adore twirling around in a tutu or being embraced by a beautiful fairy dress with puffy sleeves. I've also had to deal with the internal workings of coming out as a crossdresser. Part of me wants to keep it a private secret, a special feeling for me and only me that I will take with me to the grave, yet I find myself occasionally having dreams at night about wearing a dress. On rarer occasions,
I've found myself telling some of my closest friends that are girls about these dreams, seemingly joking.

I'm currently in a relationship with a wonderful girl who knows I have a fondness for girls in tutus. I lucked out because she enjoys dressing up for me, and I even gave her my Alice costume to wear for Halloween (She saw it online and thought it'd make a cute costume, so I "bought" it for her). The costume ended up back in my possession a little while ago, how I've missed wearing it so! While she is definitely the most understanding girl I have ever been with, I'm not sure if I will ever tell her about my crossdressing. The thing is, I'm not sure if I even want to. I feel as though my crossdressing, while I've accepted it as a part of me, will always remain a secret between me and myself, to be done in private, and I'm completely comfortable with that. I like having a little secret to myself, though I won't lie to you, I have fantasies about being sissified. I would love for me and my girlfriend to be both dressed up like princesses and be all girly, but for now, I'm happy the way I am, as a secret princess.

This has been both a rush and a relief to be able to share this with someone, and especially to someone who appreciates how wonderful this is, while still staying true to my secret (thank you anonymous internet!). I am so glad I found your site and that there are people who feel just like me. It makes me feel even more comfortable to wear my petticoats and tutus knowing this, and as it is, I happen to be wearing my petticoat now!


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