Friday, June 10, 2016

Crossdresser Nick Lonsdale Story + Pictures

I am 73 now but have felt different from a very early age. I had a dressing up box with girls dance costumes that belonged to an aunty from about 6 years old. When we moved house it disappeared and I went underground trying on my mothers things secretly when no one else was at home. When I was about 15 or 16 the girl next door, I'll call her Rosalind. who I suppose was a friend and therefore a girl friend decided that I would look better as a girl and dressed me head to toe as she called me "Nicole". I was ecstatic and for just an hour or so I was on heaven. Once in the dress ,high heels and Paige boy wig fully made up, jewelry and perfume I took a look in the full length mirror in the hall and there I was a teenage girl. We did this several time over the next year or so and even went into town shopping on one occasion. I still had a fairly adolescent voice ,mine didn’t really break properly until I was in my twenties and similarly I did really shave much until then which made it so much easier . Rosalind said I was unreadable ,I never got any side ways looks and we even got boys whistling etc.
   Unfortunately it didn't last she moved away about a year later and that was that, just trying bits and pieces in secret was totally frustrating so I stopped doing. o cut a long story short I went to University for 4 years came home ,married a girl I had met before. we had a son and all this time I was in purgatory because having revealed myself to my wife by getting dressed in her clothes and waiting for her to come home from work, it ws obvious that it would not be tolerated.
    Forward about 10 years [of hell] I went away for a week on a course met up with some other like minded girls and spent a few days dressed. Back home to not dressing at all. Divorced and started assembling Nicole's wardrobe and joined Several organisations and attended meetings and funtions. My mental state improve significantly when I told my mother and my son who was living with me and by this time was 20 years old. My son saw Nicole the first time then and the reaction was "bloody hell you look great".
    About this time I met a very nice women about my own age and not to make the same mistake again I told her all about "Nicole". Strangely she was more than OK about it and wanted to meet her. I obliged of course. That was 25 years we we married on Christmas day 1991 and the rest as they say is history.
    With all the recent attention about Transgender people particularly on social media I have confirmed what I think in my heart I knew all along, I am actually Transgender and were I that 16 year old again dressing up as Nicole with Rosalind who incidentally said the I should be a girl and could change sex. Unfortunately I was born too soon to take advantage of the current climate of understanding and gradual acceptance. Had I been able then I have no doubt that I would have assimilated as a female very easily. Ah well as they say thems the breaks.
    Here are a few of my photo graphs going back about 15 years you may use any or all of them. My first wife found the few that I did have from before and destroyed them.

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