Monday, June 20, 2016

Story Of Chaz

It has been a long time coming.  And I feel ever so comfortable in the way dreams have come true for me.

My name is Chaz.  Short for Chazztity.  I am nearing the years of what may be scary yet a pioneer to the future of Crossdressing.  Yes I am gay and yes I am a femme man.  In my mid to late 20s I experienced the goth side of life and hope to post in an upcoming blog.  Recently I was and still am in touch with girlfriends that made me for who I am and enjoy the life of who we are today.  We are expanding and I am ever so proud of this achievement. 

In my teen years I did some dressing with dresses and some gorgeous makeup.  Today it is getting easier finding the ways and ideas on a global scale than anything.  What makes me happier is that I have support in the area and the way it suppose to be; especially in a small town two hours away from the Big Apple.  I plan on and continue this wonderful style and be a part of a loving yet nurturing.

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