Monday, June 6, 2016

My cross-dressing husband became my wife

 Leslie has supported her husband's transition to Deborah

The couple on their wedding day in 1991

Deborah feels a lot happier now


  1. Great story or article. Love the part about staying together even though Leslie misses "David" but can now cuddle with Debby. As we age cuddling is more and more important. So Leslie now has the best, a fantastic cuddler and a great girl friend who she can go shopping and things with and Debby gets a terrific partner and life coach and cuddler too.

  2. I admire them both. Leslie has shown the strength in a partner many cross dressers and especially those who transition, don't often get. I cannot begin to understand the strength and resilience it takes to transition but admire anyone who makes the journey to happiness.



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