Saturday, September 5, 2020

Male Femininity And Gender Role Reversal Gallery - 4

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  1. Oh wow!! Oh i love you all so much! So very beautiful and sexy and gorgeous and exciting and Arousing and just pure pleasure and Satisfaction to see. Nothing even comes Closer to what I can feel and experience in my Mind, Body and soul when I am wearing women's clothing and underwear and shoes and feeling completely free inside all I dissappear into the Secret world that lives Inside me and has been there since I was just 11 years old and I got an Uncontrollable and Overwhelming Desire and Amazing Rush of Pure Happiness In me, Literally taking over my whole Being. Yes, i DO Get my most Satisfying and pleasurable Excitement from wearing a Bra and Panties with little tops and Skirts and Some Long boots. I love to go outside and feel the Nervous Sexual Adrenaline Racing round my Body. Ive done it for over 40 years and still it blows my mind every single time I feel soft Lingerie Slipping onto my skin. And I can never ever ever stop myself from Looking at and Craving over All the Beautiful and Sexy People I see online. I love you all so much. In more ways than 1!!



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