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Breast Enlargement Options - Male To Female (MTF)

 Obtaining feminine curves, particularly breasts, is a major goal for many transgender women and crossdressers.

Yes, you can use breast forms or a padded bra as a temporary solution. However, having your own feminine breasts is an important gender affirming step in the male to female journey.

The good news is that there are many ways to reach this goal!

That’s why in this blog post, I offer an overview of the most popular MFT breast enlargement options, including pros and cons of each. Read on to learn more!

Breast Enlargement Pump

Turning our attention back to non-surgical methods, a final option to consider is using a breast enlargement pump.

While this might sound like a gimmick, there is some actual science to back it up. Breast enlargement pumps stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion.

Studies show that applying tension to an area leads to tissue growth. Surgeons use this technique (known as “tissue expansion”) to regenerate skin, bones and other tissues. Applying vacuum pressure to your breasts can also stimulate real growth over the long run.

A medical grade breast enlargement pump called the Brava was developed by plastic surgeon Roger K. Khouri, MD. Currently, the Brava is used by some plastic surgeons to enhance the results of fat transfer to the breasts. 

While the Brava is only available through plastic surgeons, there are other breast enlargement pumps on the market.

One popular option is The Noogleberry Breast Enlargement System, which starts at $60. This device is meant to be used for 30 mins to 1 hour per day and can be used alone or to enhance the results of herbs or transgender HRT.

An added bonus of using a breast enlargement pump like the Noogleberry is that it can give you an instant size boost by increasing blood flow to the breasts. This swelling only lasts a few hours, but you can enjoy the results in the meantime!

Herbal Pills And Creams

This method can be controversial, and it’s not a replacement for transgender HRT for those going through a full transition. That said, herbal pills and creams are used by many early-stage trans women and even crossdressers.

The premise is simple: There are many natural herbs (known as phytoestrogens) that have estrogenic effects, as well as herbs that have anti-androgenic effects. 

These herbs have been used by cisgender women for centuries to manage symptoms of PMS, menopause, and other hormonal conditions.

These herbs can also be used to mimic some of the effects of transgender HRT, though obviously the effects will be much weaker. 

Personally, I know of many people who have obtained significant breast enlargement using herbs and were happy with their results. Even so, it’s important to have realistic expectations with this method.

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out this free course on natural male to female breast enhancement here.

Fat Transfer

Did you know that breast implants aren’t the only surgical option for increasing your breast size? Fat transfer breast augmentation uses your body’s own natural fat to increase your breast size. 

The advantage of this technique is that the results typically look more natural than breast implants. The downside is that it can only increase the breasts 1-2 cup sizes. You also have to have enough excess fat on your body that can be transferred to the breasts, so this is not a good option for very thin people.

If this MTF breast enlargement method intrigues you, check out this guide to breast fat transfer on

Transgender Hormone Therapy


If you are a trans woman planning a full transition, then transgender hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the best place to begin your breast enlargement journey.

While transgender HRT can’t undo the effects of puberty, it will cause feminizing changes in the body including changes in hair growth, skin texture, redistribution of body fat, and yes, breast growth.

Breast growth typically begins within 3 months of starting hormone therapy. The breasts experience significant growth in the first 6-12 months. Breast growth typically slows down after that, but the breasts can continue to develop for years.

It’s important to know that your age can significantly impact on your results with transgender HRT. Trans women who start hormones at a younger age typically experience more dramatic results than those who start at a later age.

Breast Implant Surgery

Hormonal breast enlargement methods, including transgender HRT or phytoestrogenic herbs, can take a lot of time and the results can be somewhat unpredictable. 

The most reliable way to obtain the exact breast size and shape you desire is through breast augmentation surgery. This can be a very satisfying surgery if you take the time to find a good doctor and thoroughly research the procedure.  

I recommend checking out this guide to breast augmentation to learn more about the surgery. It covers the costs, risk to consider, and differences between the various types of breast implants.

Warning! Avoid Silicone Breast Injections

Now that we’ve covered 5 options for MTF breast enlargement, let’s talk about one that you absolutely need to avoid and that’s illicit silicone breast injections.

Silicone injections are banned in the U.S. and most countries, however, they are still used in some countries or performed under the table by unqualified injectors.

Injectable silicone is different from FDA-approve silicone breast implants. Silicone implants keep the silicone contained within the breast implant, preventing it from migrating within the body.

Silicone injections, on the other hand, can cause serious injury, disfigurement or even death as the silicone migrates. These must be avoided at all costs.

Let’s talk about breasts!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this hot topic.

Have you pursued any of these options for MTF breast enlargement? If so, what was your experience?

Please share in the comments below!



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