Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Femininity Tip for Crossdressers / Transgender Women MTF

My #1 femininity tip for crossdressers and MTF transgender women is to STUDY OTHER WOMEN.

Your best femininity teachers are the women around you. You should constantly observe women when you are out in public – as well as when you watch TV or movies.

The more you study women, the more you’ll pick up on the subtle things that make somebody feminine and attractive.

Pay extra close attention when a woman catches your eye in a positive way. (Without creeping her out, of course!) Try to pinpoint what it is that makes her so appealing.

Specifically notice:

  • What she’s wearing. (A dress, pants, flats, heels, etc.)
  • What her style is. (Classic, trendy, girly, etc.)
  • How much makeup she’s wearing. (Is she wearing lipstick? How heavy is her eye makeup?)
  • Her body language. (Does she cross her legs or place her hands on her hips? How’s her posture?)
  • How she moves her body. (Are her movements soft and subtle or big and bold?)
  • How she interacts with others. (Is she bubbly and outgoing or quiet and mysterious?)

Aside from picking up femininity cues that you can incorporate into your own behavior, use this as a guideline for how women in your area present themselves.

Remember, if you want to “blend in” with the women around you, your clothes, hair, and makeup should be a similar style.

I also suggest paying attention to women who attract your attention in a BAD way. Notice what turns you off so you can avoid this in your own behavior and appearance.

(Who knows? Maybe some of these women will later look to you as an example of ladylike beauty!)

Now I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic. What have you learned from observing other women?

Please share with me in the comments below!



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