Monday, November 9, 2015

21st Century Real Men are Sisses

Real Men are Sisses
Here’s Mark sporting his mum’s black wedding-day lingerie which she gave him on his 16th birthday as a “Coming-of-Age, Becoming-a-Woman” present. He wears it, with nothing else, whenever he’s at home... is honoured to wear the lingerie that his mum got married in... looks forward to the day he can wear it under a frilly bridal gown when he is made wife to a good-woman.His 3 sisters are jealous that he got mum’s wedding-lingerie, but he is the eldest daughter after-all... & does look the most prettiest in it!
He’s never worn trousers and is top of the class in Home-Economics... He insists that he does all the cooking and housework at home... won’t let his mum or sisters do any of it because they’re female - “Housework is for males,” he quotes from Home-Economics, “women are above such demeaning tasks... but the male of the species is perfectly suited to it.”

Real Men are Sisses
Jack’s partner decided to renew their wedding vows, and that he would now be the bride and her wife from then on.
Shocked at first - but soon submitted when he tried on the wedding-gown his partner had bought him... At the ceremony he vowed to never wear male-clothes again - and be a doting, submissive sissy-wife to his new  husband & master, Jane.

Real Men are Sisses
As per instructions from his husband, Lara, Brad greets each guest to the dinner party by lifting his dorothy-dress and showing his lacey stockings & suspenders. Lara is showing him off to her politician friends... Showing them what a perfect sissy-wife he is... Brad is thrilled to reveal himself to such power-full women...
After he’s served them dinner he does the washing-up as the women retire to the drawing-room, smoke cigars and discuss the proposed amendment to the Equalities Bill - and all agree it should be Law that all men dress en-femme at all times.

Real Men are Sisses
Here’s David on his way to his 2nd date with Juliet, who he met on the web. Their first date went fantastically and she asked him to wear the same outfit again as she was greatly turned on by him in it, especially his legs!
They’re going out to a fancy dance-club... she’ll be wearing a tuxedo, and plans to treat him as the Princess he is.
David has now started dressing en-femme more & more since their first date... feels more confident in a dress - feels like a Real Man. He has started to throw out his trousers and plans to ask Juliet to tell him what clothes he should go out and buy.

Real Men are Sisses
Here’s Jack in his favourite outfit... his black french maid’s uniform... which he must always wear whilst doing his chores.
His husband, Jane, insists the house be immaculate when she comes home from work.
As the breadwinner Jane wears the trousers, literally... is served night & day, head to toe by her wife, Jack... he has become an amazing cook & has over 20 pairs of stilettoes, none with heels shorter than 3 inches...

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