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Women Feminizing Their Husbands!!!

Tonya on Top Picture....Melanie in maid's Outfit!!! Very Pretty Husbands!!!
Here is a Great Post from the Petticoal Discipline Quarterly Site. It is Wonderful when we see Women taking Control of their Men and their Marriages. I would Hope that other women willl see this Great Ezxample, and follow through with the feminization of their Boyfriends and husbands!! Thanks Rebecca!!
Dear Helga,
We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and Best Wishes for a Happy and
Prosperous New Year.
This letter is going to be about the Bank Fancy Dress Christmas Party, and the
aftermath. Although it will be one letter, there will be contributions from
myself, Rebecca, Angie and Melanie, the reason will become clear as the story
The bank has held an annual Fancy Dress Party (Costume Party for American
readers) just before Christmas for the last few years. There is always a theme,
and this year the theme was "Upstairs Downstairs". The
wives/girlfriends/husbands/partners of the bank employees are invited, but most
don't bring their significant other. I have attended for the last five years or
so, not only because I am married to Steve, but also because Angie is my best
friend. This was going to be the first time that Angie took her boyfriend.
One of the banks's Directors, Marion Hodgeson, has a huge house on the edge of
Dartmoor, a few miles out of Plymouth, and for the last 3-4 years the Christmas
party has been hosted by Marion at her house. The caterers, bar and music are
paid for by the bank and brought in on the night. Traditionally, the junior
staff at the bank are served their meals in the large hall by the senior
members of staff, one of whom is, of course, Steve. I think the junior staff
enjoy being waited on once a year by their managers.
Although Marion has many bedrooms in her house, and we were given the
opportunity to stay over, Angie had decided not to drink alcohol and offered to
drive there and back. So Steve and I met at Angie's house late afternoon on the
day of the party. To go along with the "Upstairs Downstairs" theme,
Angie and I had decided to wear our poshest ballgowns. We got ready first and
both Tony and Steve commented on how lovely we looked. I did feel very
glamorous and sexy in a royal blue fitted ballgown with pears and fake fur.
Angie looked equally stunning in pale green.
Now it was time to get "the boys" ready. Steve had previously worn
his maid outfit at home, although Tony didn't know that of course. He looked
really cute in his short black dress with white lace and black heels. Once the
red wig was in place and Angie had sorted make up, he was Melanie, as you can
see in the picture I have attached, taken by Marion at her house. Tony was a
bit different - he looked slightly ridiculous in his black and pink outfit,
almost cartoon like. Still, Angie seemed very pleased with the result, and Tony
didn't notice that when Angie fastened the tight dress it was finally secured
with a tiny padlock at the back of his neck. As far as he was concerned he was
still having a laugh, as you can see from the picture Marion took of him soon
after we arrived.
Finally we were all ready. We told the two "boys" that we couldn't
possibly call them by their real names dressed as they were, so Tony was told
he would be called Tallulah. Steve already knew that he was Melanie, but we
announced it anyway for Tallulah's benefit. We told them that we were to be
referred to as "My Lady" as they were "downstairs" and we
were "upstairs", and that they would have to call all of the other
party guests 'sir', 'miss' or 'madam'. After driving for nearly an hour, we
arrived at Marion Hodgeson's house. It was even bigger than I'd remembered,
with a driveway as well and plenty of parking space. Marion took a photograph
of every guest, copies of the ones of Melanie and Tallulah I have attached.
Most of the bank's female staff had decided to dress similarly to Angie and
myself, wanting to take the opportunity to dress up and look glamorous. The men
were more mixed with a couple of butler type outfits as well as footmen and a
number of dress suits. A couple of them even wore monocles.
It goes without saying that our two were the only men wearing dresses, and we
caused quite a stir on arrival. Without fail, everyone thought it very very
funny that one of the senior managers was dressed as a maid. Before long,
everyone was calling him Stephanie, which is the nearest to Steve, I suppose. I
let it go, especially as it was interesting to see him squirm every time he was
called Stephanie by everyone, even the very junior clerks still in their teens.
Tony was not really known by the staff so he wasn't embarrassed so much,
although he was called Tonya by everyone, and his costume was commented on
quite a lot.
Marion Hodgeson, who lives alone and is, I think, a lesbian, took a particular
interest in our maids. When I was chatting to her Marion pointed at
Stephanie/Melanie and asked "can she curtsey" to which I replied
"of course she can". "interesting", said Marion, "that
may be of some use to me sometime!"
When it was time for the meal, it was even more fun than usual. It is one thing
to be served by your boss in any circumstance, but something else again to be
served by him whilst he is dressed in a short maid dress. Even though Tonya was
a guest and not a manager, she was pressed into service to hand out the meals
as the junior staff thought that she was dressed for the part. Tonya was still
"having a laugh" at that stage and really enjoying himself.
Once the meal was over, and the tables were cleared to allow dancing, it was a
very enjoyable party. Everyone seemed to forget that the two maids were
actually men, and continued to call them Stephanie and Tonya. The two of them
had quite a few drinks delivered to them by other men at the party (!), but the
drinks were always things like Bacardi and coke or gin and bitter lemon rather
than the beer they may normally drink. The two of them became a little drunk,
as did most of the people there, but everyone was having a great time dancing
to the music.
Meanwhile, Angie and I had a conversation with Marion Hodgeson. We asked her
how she would feel about the two of us going home and leaving "the
boys" behind. We would come back for them the next day. Marion agreed on
the condition that the two of them helped to clear up the house in the morning
- we agreed immediately, saying that the two of them were good at housework,
and anyway were dressed for the part. Marion said that the only available room
was now one with a single bed in it, which we said was perfect. They would have
to sleep in their outfits - Tonya because he was locked into it anyway and both
of them because they had nothing else to wear with them. Marion said that she
could provide Stephanie with appropriate nightwear if we wanted so as not to
spoil his dress.
The party was still in full swing when Angie and I slipped out at around half
past midnight. Tonya and Stephanie hadn't noticed because they were enjoying
themselves dancing with some of the young girls from the bank, who were having
great fun with the two maids. We winked at Marion as we left and she smiled in
a way to suggest that she was going to enjoy this situation.
I am now passing on the storytelling to Melanie as I wasn't there for a number
of hours.
I remember feeling quite drunk and saying to Tony that we ought to be looking
for Rebecca and Angie as we hadn't seen them for some time. We had been having
a great time dancing with some of the younger members of staff, who seemed to
find it fascinating to be dancing with two men wearing dresses. Tony agreed, so
we searched all over. The party was now starting to die down and a number of
people had already left. It was about half past one. After searching for some
time, we bumped into Marion Hodgeson, one of the Bank's Directors, and the owner
of the house we were having the party in.
My voice was a bit slurred as I thanked her for hosting the party, and asked if
she had seen Rebecca and Angie. She said that she had. She said goodbye to them
and saw them get into Angie's car and drive away. I thought she was joking so I
asked if she really knew where they were. She said, that the girls had really
left the party at about half past twelve and that because we seemed to be
having such a good time, they decided to leave us at the party. I said I didn't
know how we would be able to get home - neither of us had any money in our
purses to pay for a taxi because we hadn't taken any as it was all paid for by
the bank and it would take hours to walk back to Plymouth, especially wearing
high heels.
It was then that Marion said that we could stay for the night under one
condition: that we help to tidy up in the morning. We agreed readily, as we did
not really have any choice. Marion showed us to a room, which only had a single
bed so I said to Tony that he should take this one. Marion then advised that we
both had to sleep there as there were no other beds available. Again we had no
choice, so we just said thank you. Marion was laughing and handed me a long
slinky yellow night dress, saying that she thought it should fit. She didn't
give one to Tony, and we soon found out why.
He was unable to take off his black and pink dress because it had a padlock at
the back of his neck and we had to key to undo it. He was able to take off his
boots to get into bed. I went into the ensuite and changed into the yellow
satin night dress, which made me feel a bit nervous, probably because I was
about to get into a single bed with another man. We found that the only was to
get a comfortable position in the beed was by spooning. It was most
disconcerting, but at least we were able to get some sleep. Once we were in
bed, Marion came in to check we were ok and ask if we needed anything. When she
saw us she said that it looked like we had everything we needed. It was most embarrassing
to be seen in bed with a man whilst wearing a night dress by one of my bosses.
We managed to get some sleep cuddled up together in the single bed. When I
awoke I was a little perturbed to discover that Tony was a little
"excited" down below, if you know what I mean. His excitement was
quite obvious in the small of my back pressed against my night dress. I leaped
out of bed and went straight into the bathroom and had a shower. I put my maids
clothes back on, including all of the underwear and underskirt. I also put my
wig back on because I didn't feel right without it. Tony, of course, was still
wearing his dress but he didn't put the wig back on, which made him look even
more silly than with it. He had to put the boots and tights back on as he had
no other footwear.
Marion had arrived at our room at nine and smirked when she saw us. She put us
to work straight after we had had some tea, and we worked really hard all
morning, cleaning and tidying. The worst part was having to empty the inside
rubbish bins and take the rubbish outside to the big bins. The other guests
that had stayed the night, got up at various times throughout the morning, and
all were amused to see Tony and I still dressed as maids cleaning up. Marion
seemed very pleased with us after we had finished. I am used to housework as I
do all of ours at home, and Tony proved himself to be a hard worker too.
Rebecca and Angie arrived to "rescue" us after twelve, and the work
had all been done. Marion announced to them, and the few guests that were left,
what good maids we had been and how hard we had worked. Rebecca and Angie had a
bag each with our clothes to change into, and Angie produced a key to unlock
Tony's dress. However, what was in the bags was not what we were expecting. Before
that there was further humiliation.
Angie now takes up the story:
Rebecca and I took Tonya and Melanie back to the bedroom they had slept in
together and I ordered them to take off their dresses, once I'd unlocked
Tonya's dress. I told them both to get into the shower. "Both of us?"
said Tonya, "Yes, the pathetic pair of you together" I said. They got
in the shower and were told to wash each other, which they did with much
reluctance. I watched them wash each other in the shower whilst Rebecca went to
get their change of clothes ready.
Tonya was absolutely stunned to see what she was expected to put on as I held
up a calf-length dark green wollen dress for him. "I'm not wearing
that", he said. So I told him - "you have a straight choice - either
you wear this lovely outfit we have prepared for you or you can put your maid
dress back on. If you choose the maid dress then we won't be taking you with us
when we leave, so you'll have to find your own way back to Plymouth, and we'll
only give you enough money for bus fare - your choice". Of course he had
no choice so after making him say that he'd love to wear the pretty green
dress, he allowed me to dress him in silky white underwear, with rolled up
tights to pad out his bra, 40 denier tights to cover up his hairy legs and the
dress, which actually hung quite nicely. A shiny wide black belt completed
Tonya's look and he looked quite presentable once I'd applied make up and his
wig was back in place.
Melanie, as usual, looked gorgeous once Rebecca had dressed him. Melanie is
already well used to women's underwear, as he has no male underwear anyway. He
had matching pink bra and French knickers, a lovely fluffy pink angora top with
short puffed sleeves and a huge cowl neck. To go with it was a mid thigh length
tight skirt with a hounds tooth check, black wool tights and the black heels
he'd worn the previous evening. He looked stunning once made up and with his
wig back on.
By the time we went back downstairs all of the other guests had left and there
was only Marion Hodgeson left. Marion, of course, is someone I would never get
to talk to as she is a Director and I am a mere secretary. However, she seemed
to have warmed to me and I think we may well see each other more often in
future at work. I whispered to her that she may enjoy visiting Steve between
nine and half past in his office. She sounded intrigued, but I didn't let on as
to why she should visit Steve at that time of day. "Just come to his
office," I said, "and you will need to bring a key to the door".
It was time to leave. Marion thanked "the girls" profusely for their
hard work that morning. She said to Steve "you make a very pretty and
convincing maid, Steve. I could use someone like you when I have dinner
parties." I felt a bit slighted that she'd singled out Steve and not Tony,
but she added "and Tonya, you are such a hard worker. I could use you too
if you could lose the heavy eyebrows to look a bit more feminine". That
gave me an idea for our planned trip into town. We thanked Marion for hosting a
fantastic party and told Melanie and Tonya to say thank you and curtsey, which
they did, much to their embarrassment.
Whilst I was driving back to Plymouth, Rebecca telephoned Paula at the beauty
salon to ask if they had any free appointments that afternoon for "the
usual". The answer was clearly yes, as Rebecca had a wide smile on her
face. We parked up and started to get out of the car - except Tonya, who had
never been out dressed as a woman before. Melanie is now well used to it and
seemed very confident in his movements and mannerisms. Rebecca and I eventually
persuaded Tonya out of the car, helped by Melanie who said to Tonya that he may
as well accept what was going on as he didn't have any choice right then.
We walked the short distance to the salon where Paula greeted us all warmly.
She asked who this lovely was, whilst looking at Tonya. "Ah this is
Tonya", I said. "She wants her ears pierced, eyebrows plucked and all
over body waxing, and Melanie has come in for her regular waxing". Tony
blurted out that he wasn't going to have his eyebrows plucked or body waxed for
anyone so I said to him "that's fine Tony, you can go now then and we
won't see each other again". He asked about his car and house keys, which
were at my house, and how he was supposed to get home, especially dressed as he
was. I said he'd have to go as he was, on his own and get his spare keys from
his neighbour or mother.
He blanched, realised he was trapped, and agreed to the treatment. Firstly,
both Melanie and Tonya were taken into a side room to have their bodies waxed.
easy for melanie as he had had this done a few times already. For Tonya this
was a first, and he is quite hairy. It must have been extremely painful. Hard
luck I say - us girls have to suffer a bit of pain for our beauty, don't we?
Next was the eyebrow plucking. Not so narrow that he would look ridiculous when
dressed as a man, but fine enough to pass as a woman's eyebrows when the
occasion demanded it. Paula kindly reapplied Tonya's make up. Without the thick
eyebrows and re-made up he looked quite pretty. Not as feminine as Melanie but
definitely passable as a woman. I decided that two piercings in each ear would
be best as Melanie has two. However, Rebecca had decided that Melanie should
have a third in each ear.
We left the salon, thanking Paula profusely for fitting us in. I don't think
Tonya was too pleased to have to pay to have such treatments on himself. We
went to Starbucks for coffee and chatted. I had decided that Tonya was a better
name for my fiance rather than Tallulah, which is what I had originally planned
to call him. Everyone at the party had immediately called him Tonya and that is
what we shall now call him. Although everyone at the party had called Steve
"Stephanie" we already have the established name of
"Melanie". I told Tonya that these girlie trips into town would
become a regular feature of our lives, as they had become for Melanie. We
already had two pictures of Tonya in female clothes, which we said would be
sent to his mates if he didn't go along with us.
Just as an addendum - on Monday morning at work, Steve was wearing just the
pink bra and French knickers set and fishnet tights as he was on his knees in
front of me taking notes when Marion Hodgeson arrived unannounced. Steve looked
like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him. She quickly closed the
door and re-locked it and had a huge smile on her face. "Very
pretty", she said, "Once Angie has finished with you, I want to see
you in my office". I took Steve right to the limit of half past nine
before I allowed him his trousers, shirt, tie and shoes back.
I have no idea what happened in Marion's office and nor does anyone else but
Steve and Marion. Rebecca has instructed Steve to write it here and she asked
me to check with Marion as to how true it is. Marion agreed that it is pretty
much what happened, so here is Steve's account;
I went to Marion Hodgeson's office as she had asked. She asked me if I enjoyed
wearing women's clothes and I had to admit that I do, but that I am less fond
of the humiliation that sometimes goes with it. She said that she thought I was
enjoying being a maid at the party more then it would be expected. She could
tell that Tony was thinking about it as a bit of fun, but that I seemed to be enjoying
the thrill of the clothes and attention I was getting. I had to admit that I
was enjoying myself.
Marion then asked how and why I had started cross dressing, so I explained what
had happened previously when Rebecca was upset at how I treated the staff and
so she tricked me into dresses as a punishment. Angie was part of it so that so
that she could let Rebecca know if I was bad to the staff and that is why every
morning I have to wear lingerie in front of Angie and pretend to be her
secretary for half an hour. Marion told me that lots of the staff had informed
her how I have changed for the better and that everyone I manage is now happy
at work. I am now the most popular manager at the bank.
I was rather pleased at this and thought that my situation at work would now
change, however I was wrong. Marion told me that I would have to continue doing
whatever Angie wanted of me in the mornings, and that she (Marion) may well
visit from time to time to inspect my knickers. "In addition," she
said, "you now have to buy my silence." I asked what she meant so she
told me that from time to time I would have to go to her house to be her maid
for an evening, a day or a weekend. She said she would be speaking to Rebecca
to arrange it and that she was sure that Rebecca would agree. "If you
don't agree" she said, "I may well have to tell the other directors
that we have a pervert working for us, and you could lose your job." I was
stunned, but had to agree, and gave Rebecca's mobile telephone number to her to
make the arrangements.
Rebecca now continues:
I received a call from Marion that afternoon. I was more than happy to agree to
her request and we have agreed initially for an evening in February when Marion
is hosting a dinner party. Christmas got even better when Melanie opened her
main present - a CB3000 chastity device, which was immediately locked on. Steve
whined a bit and asked why he needed it as he'd never been unfaithful and never
would be. I just explained that it was just a way of keeping him in control. My
sister, Rachel, who spent Christmas Day with us thought is was a scream, as did
Angie who saw it a couple of days later.
Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading about our Christmas. I am sorry about
all of the different names but just to clarify - Tony was going to be called
Tallulah by Angie but once everyone at the party called him Tonya, it just
stuck. Steve already has a name - Melanie - but his work colleagues all called
him Stephanie at the party.
Many thanks for your continued encouragement and support, and keep up the great
work on this fantastic site.
Much love

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  1. I'm a married submissive crossdresser. My wife knew of my crossdressing before we were married, but does not participate or encourage me in any way. I keep my body and legs smooth shaven, and would love for my wife to encourage, even better, order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection, seeing as I keep my legs so feminine. She could even tease me about my crossdressing, calling me her feminine "husband bitch". Thus; I would enjoy her in a dominant nature. Also; I've always had the fantasy of her flirting openly with other men, even having an intimate relationship with another man. I've had these thoughts and feelings since before we were married, but could never tell her as I didn't want her to think I didn't love her, and I didn't think she could be open-minded or accepting enough to include them in our marriage. Maybe too little; too late for now.

  2. For my taste, men being feminized is more exciting, especially in pictures, than men already feminized.



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