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Top Tips for Sissy Maids

Sissy Maids
All good sissy maids want to demonstrate their love and commitment to their Mistress by doing all their tasks to the best of their ability. To go the extra mile, make that extra effort or learn a new skill that will please their Superior, bring a smile to Her face, add to Her comfort or just make their Superiors life that little bit easier.
ing: 0.0px;”>To that end I invite all sissy maids out their to send in your “top tips for sissy maids”. It could be about something that you do that is going beyond the call of duty. It could be about a domestic chore that you do especially well, a little trick you have picked up or a more efficient way you have found to do a better job. It could be  a special service you provide or the way you dress and present yourself that your Superior has found pleasing. Maybe you have done a course or found an online resource that has helped you.  It can be any advice you may think will help other sissy maids.

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The first ‘Top Tip” comes from maid jeniffer. The way she looks after her wifes lingerie is absolutely wonderful. She displays such care, honour and reverence, she is an inspiration indeed. Here is her tip: 
 As a sissy maid one of the most important duties is the proper care of delicate lingerie whether it’s your own or your Mistress’s. It is best to soak lingerie in cold sudsy water and never mix dark colours with whites or lighter colours. Using your finger tips only, gently agitate each piece and make sure your fingernails are filed nicely to avoid snagging and damaging the fabric especially if it’s lace or silk. Rinse each piece separately in cool water and very gently squeeze out excess water. Never squeeze lingerie like a dish rag. Instead fold a large fluffy bath towel in half lengthwise and place her lingerie carefully on it then gently roll it up and press down lightly to remove most of the water. Hang your Mistress’s bras and panties or whatever else you washed on the shower curtain to dry the rest of the way. When dry it’s time to neatly fold them and put them away. I have learned to keep my Mistress’s lingerie drawer in some sort of order, I keep her everyday bras and panties in front where they are easily accessible. For her extra special bras and panties that she only wears when going out to social functions I keep her favourites on top so she can admire her collection everytime she opens the drawer. Taking proper your Mistress’s lingerie and other fine washables will go a long way in pleasing her and making her happy to have you serve as her maid. Always remember it is a privelege to serve as a maid, doing a good job using your own initiative has rewards.
My Mistress, Mrs Birch  has taught me an excellent way to clean a bathroom that ensures it is left sparkling. Mistress  has allowed me to share it with you all.
 The first step is to don a pair of bright pink rubber gloves. Then vacuum the bathroom while it is dry making sure to remove any hair that is lying around, This ensures that hair doesn’t interfere with any of the cleaning you do later. Then spray a mould remover all through the shower recess. Leave that while it does its work and then clean the toilet. Make sure the lid, the seat, under the seat and the bowl are all scrubbed clean. Flush the toilet and wipe down the seat. Then get to work on the bath and sink with a cream cleanser such as Jif. Use an old toothbrush to clean under the base of the taps to clean out all the grime that has lodged there. After wiping down rinse off using a watering can filled with hot water. This ensures there are no streak marks left. A great idea. Return to the shower recess. Wipe down the mould remover and use the toothbrush to get into any nooks and cranny’s that cannot be reached with your sponge. Again use the watering can to rinse off, ensuring there are no streak marks. Next use a paper towel and a window cleaning product to clean the mirror. It is vital this is done perfectly as Your Mistress will be looking in that mirror at Herself. The final task is with bucket and mop clean the floor. Allow to dry before replacing any mats etc.

Our next set of top tips comes from sissy maid nancy. nancy certainly understands the value of chastity for the aspiring sissy maid. Here are her tips:

1. A good chastity device. i spent weeks some years ago getting my cb2000 right ie rings, spacers etc. It is now inescapable and i wear it 24/7. The body adjusts. The curve and all the others are ridiculous. i’m not small but for me the cb2000 is the best and most secure.
2. Write notes to yourself .
3. Trim nails and keep them neat and use clear gloss
4. I do this – shave arm pits, chest, legs and privates always
5. Use scholl cream to keep dead skin of feet
6. Practice curtseys every night in high heels first nigt is a  killer but after a while the leg muscles get used to it
7. Always try to wear chastity that bit longer. i cannot stress enough how important chastity is. i am in my eighth week now.
8. Research on makeup and practice …

Tonia la Chene sent in a tip about vacuuming. I am sure getting up close as she suggests ensures a more thorough job is done. Here is her tip:

When vacuuming one should remove the long nozzle, so one has to crawl to vacuum the room.

Sissy Dolores has given us a fantastic suggestion we can apply to all our tasks. What a wonderful habit to adopt to ask ourselves these three questions after any task. If we answer these questions honestly we will always be improving in our service:

1. Have I carried out the task as instructed to the letter?
2. Have I done it to the best of my ability?
3. How can I improve on it next time?

Here is a tip from Sissy Georgina:
When I go to work in my male clothes (I work in an office where I must wear a suit), besides wearing ladies undergarments which I am sure most of you do, Mistress has made me sew up the pockets on my trousers and coat. I am only allowed to wear business shirts that have no pockets as well. Mistress believes that pockets are a symbol of  masculine superiority over women and as such forbids me such a privilege. Women have had to endure this inconvenience for centuries so I can too. This may not sound a big deal but it is a nuisance and an inconvenience greater than I realised. As Mistress says it is a good regular reminder of my underlying sissy status. I have a ‘man bag’ in which I keep my keys, phone and purse (I am also forbidden a wallet). It has led to some teasing from my work colleagues which I must endure. When I complained to Mistress about the teasing she said I must learn to accept in a spirit of obedience as a demonstration of my love for my wife. After work drinks with colleagues are also forbidden. I have to rush home to get dinner on the table and attend to my other chores.

Here is an excellent tip that I have incorporated into my life. 
All sissy maids should have a chores checklist. Chores should be categorised into daily chores such as washing the dishes, cleaning the stove top, making the bed, wiping the table down. Then there are weekly chores such as cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the kitchen floor. Then monthly chores such as cleaning the oven and the fridge and finally quarterly chores such as cleaning out the garage, the pantry and all the cupboards. Of course the Mistress can add any chore into any category. As each chore is done the sissy maid ticks it off and is immediately reminded of what other chores remain to be done. Any chores not completed in the schedule will attract a punishment and having the chores checklist makes it easier for Mistress to evaluate the sissy maids work and to determine if and what punishment is required. This is a wonderful motivation and ensures the household is always clean, tidy and hygienic. Having the checklist in a prominent position where the sissy maid sees it regularly serves as a great reminder for the sissy maid. Any chore not done to Mistress’s standard also attracts a punishment.

Here is some great advice from beatrice. What a wonderful way for a sissy to show her devotion.
Take a course or research the art of a beautician. Learn how to do manicures and pedicures properly. It’s a wonderful treat to spend quality time with your Mistress, doing her nails, especially if it is in preparation for a date. It is so fulfilling later on that evening, when she is out with Her man and you are at the house by yourself, to know that You assisted her in getting gorgeous. And while she is out, be productive or have a surprise for your Mistress when she gets back. Why not bake a cake for Her? Or write Her a love letter or poem, that you can read for Her the next day. I also put together outfits for my Mistress, and I am in charge of keeping her closets nice and pretty. It’s such a wonderful treat. So, you have to learn how to care of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags etc. Once you do, you will love it!

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