Monday, November 2, 2015

My Crossdressing Life - by Christina

Written by Christina
I'm 30 years old and have been crossdressing for nearly as long as I can remember. One of the first things I can remember doing is putting on one of my sisters dresses and running down to my mother in the kitchen telling her how lovely I looked. She agreed but inside I'm sure she didn't like the idea of her youngest son wearing dresses. After a few years I would play more with my sisters than my brothers. We'd play in their room. I'd even go as far as to being the mother when we did. I'd raid my mothers wardrobe and wear a big coat and a pair of boots. Of course when my parents or brothers would come in I would hide under the bed clothes. Didn't really want them seeing me in boots and a fancy coat.

It was the mid 90's when I started to dress up even more. My sister was only a year younger than me so I'd find some of her clothes and wear them. Of course this included the school skirt. Loved putting on that with a pair of black tights. Of course at this stage I wasn't running down to my mother to show her her son wearing a skirt.

I lacked confidence when it came to women. My school years were awkward to say the least. I was bullied in school and often looked to crossdressing as a way to escape this. I'd go home and when I got the chance I would raid my sisters wardrobe and dress up. The feeling of putting on those clothes was and still is, amazing. I would now take clothes and not return them. By the turn of the new century my 3 sisters (who are all younger than me) were getting to the age where I was getting a much wider selection of clothes. I loved it. Eventually though I felt the need to tell someone in my family. So I wrote a long letter telling my older sister everything. I asked if she would help me to buy new clothes as I didn't want to be taking any more of her or my other sisters and she said she would to my delight. She ended up buying me a new pair of boots. I so wanted a pair of shoes or boots. She also bought a few tops and some tights. Was so thankful for her understanding.

Years went on and I still couldn't resist my sisters clothes. They would buy some really sexy tops and lingerie. But the one thing I wanted more than anything was to try a dress. While I got away with trying on their tops and skirts, I was a bigger dress size. I used to dress for a way to escape, now I think I dress because of the beauty of all these feminine clothes. The touch of the nylon stockings on my legs, putting a bra on and putting a tight top on over it made me think how amazing it would be if I were a woman. I jut love femininity. I adore pink. My favourite colour by far. The need to touch pretty clothes is way too much to ignore. Every time I see a girl I will usually comment to myself how gorgeous her clothes are before commenting on how beautiful she is. I do this all the time now. I can’t help it. I'm addicted to crossdressing and to pretty clothes. I recently went to Australia for a few months. While there I finally did buy a few dresses. I bought 3 really beautiful ones. Finally the one thing I desired more than anything is now part of my ever growing wardrobe. I've recently put in orders for more lingerie and a really sexy top. And for the first time I'm gonna have myself a sexy pair of high heels. Can’t wait for them to arrive. :-)

I'll never stop crossdressing. I know this for fact. I've tried a few times but its next to useless really. Its been a part of me nearly all my life. It's who I am. Now all I need is a beautiful girl to share my fetish or fondness. Your boyfriend is very very fortunate. To be able to have you is something most crossdressers desire. I'd love to dress up in a big pink prom dress or be made a proper princess. That’s my ultimate fantasy. As long as its big and pink I'd be in total heaven.

Thanks for reading this. It was long but I wanted to tell you as much as I can remember. I know there's loads more. Maybe I'll get back to you about other stuff. Will maybe tell you my sexual desires while I'm dressed. And my attraction for other crossdressers. :-) I'm sure you will look forward to that. Until then take care.
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