Saturday, October 24, 2015

Becoming A Feminine Man

Story by GrLegs
I have undergone something of a transformation with regards to "crossdressing" and my attitude towards my own proclivities. For near-enough 40 yrs I have carried a deep set sense of guilt and shame about my urges to wear lingerie, more specifically slips & hosiery. The first person I ever openly told about this was my former partner, who initially embraced it, then used it against me to publicly shame and humiliate me following the breakdown of our marriage.

Following the break-up, I found that I was able to wear whatever I wanted in the seclusion of my own home at any time. Then followed a period in which I began reading and researching the subject on the internet and not only discovered how widespread it is, but also a couple of hubs, including Lucy's, run by women who LOVE men who wear women's clothing.

I also found that, as a result of my ex making my crossdressing public and the ensuing legal actions, I was forced to talk openly about this. I found the more I talked openly, the easier it became. I met a lady whom I told about my love of lingerie on our fourth date. Not only was she not put off by it, but she found she liked it and now she wouldn't have me any other way.

What followed next came as a total surprise to me. After nearly 40 years of occasional lingerie wearing and following a growing level of acceptance of this within myself, I found myself becoming accepting of and recognising the feminine aspects of my personality and allowing myself to express these in the way I dress, viz. I started to think about wearing women's outerwear.

I recently "came out" to a dear friend of mine who happens to be a lesbian. She encouraged me to dress up to show her and then gave me lots of positive vibes and encouragement. We spent the rest of the evening at her apartment with me in a skirt, pantyhose and boots and her in jeans and T-shirt. As we were talking, I mentioned that I'd never seen her dressed "girly". She told me she wasn't confident in choosing and buying dresses for her self and didn't have any female friends whose style she liked enough to go shopping with them. I suggested that we should go clothes shopping together and she got so excited about the idea.

Then came last week. On my way home from the same friend's apartment, I was driving home at night wearing a skirt and boots with a sweat shirt on top and got the urge for some chocolate, so I called into a late night service station. As I got out of my car there were two young guys - aged about 18 - coming out of the shop. They looked at me as I walked in, I met their gaze and just smiled and said "Good evening". They were waiting in the forecourt beside their car as I came out with my chocolate and one of them asked me where I was going, "Home", I replied, "just had a craving for chocolate", smiled and got into my car and drove home.

Then this weekend my friend & I went clothes shopping. I selected various items of clothing for her to try on in different shops, she loved them all and bought them. By the end of the day she had an entire outfit from the boots up but hadn't seen any of them together. When I tried on a couple of skirts in some of the shops, she gave me the thumbs up or otherwise.

When we arrived back home at her place, she immediately tried on the whole outfit and she shone - she was amazed at how well everything went together; couldn't believe the way I could visualise these things without actually seeing them.

We went out together on Saturday night to a "gender neutral" venue, she in her new outfit and I in a plain black T-shirt, bolero jacket, silk circle skirt with lace tights over the top of hi-gloss semi-opaques and above-the-knee high heeled boots; a bit of a gender mix. My friend was radiant, her friends couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked and told her so all night. For myself, I also received many compliments on my first night "out", from gay and straight males and females. A number of the girls commented on how great my legs looked in the skirt, tights & boots and some said they wished they had legs like mine + a couple said that more guys should wear skirts as they know loads of them with better legs than their female friends - no cellulite! (lol)

The biggest surprise came at the end of the night as we were walking through town to a late-night eatery before the taxi home. As we walked along the street, there was a group of young lads - some with girls in tow - coming in the opposite direction and one of them just said openly "Hey, great outfit, man, looks good" and hi-fived me as he walked past.

My confidence has gone through the roof. Tonight I drove to collect my mail from my PO Box in a black knee length straight skirt, black opaque tights & ankle length high heels, with a man's leather jacket & plain white T-shirt. As I walked from my car to the Post Office, I noticed a few people looking, but it seemed to be in a more curious than judgemental way - a sort of "Oh, that's unusual", rather than "God, that's weird!"

So, it's back to Mr Izzard to close, who describes himself as "a complete boy plus half a girl."

“Women wear what they want, and so do I." Well said, sir........ and so do I.


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