Monday, October 26, 2015

My Son Wears My Clothes

“Mom can I go through your make-up drawers and take some stuff you’re not using anymore?”
“Mom can I borrow some of your clothes?”
“Mom does my hair look all right?”
“Mom do you have any shoes that would fit me?”
“Mom do these clothes look good together?”

These are some of the questions I have been asked over the years from not my daughter, but my teenage son.

When he was growing up I missed all the signs that my son could possibly be transgendered. Perhaps it’s because I am such an open person and always tried to encourage my kids to be who ever they wanted to be and to follow their dreams. I have never hid my trans friends from them. I wanted them to grow up accepting everyone and I believe I have accomplished that task. They thought nothing of coming home from school and finding me and a bunch of tgirls sitting in the living room gabbing. They were never embarrassed to invite their friends over were mine were there. Even when they were old enough to make choices for themselves, they had no problem going to Malls with my friends and me.

When my son was growing up, I quite often found my daughters dolls in his room. I always just assumed that my daughter must have been playing in there and left them there.
Sometimes I would find eye shadow in his room, but he was always so artistic and always used different materials to draw pictures I assumed he was using the eye shadow as some sort of paint. I found my clothes in his room sometimes too. I assumed the laundry was put away wrong. I have known about transgender people for years. How is it that I could miss such obvious signs? Is it because I am so supportive and it never would have mattered anyway?

When my son was still a toddler he used to love to sit next to me while I put on my make-up. He would stare at me in awe and quite often mimic the gestures of me putting on make-up with his fingers on his face. He got a hold of my lipstick when he was three. He didn’t just stop at his lips, his entire body was covered in lipstick.

It wasn’t until he was about 16 that I considered the fact he might be transgendered. He was always borrowing my clothes, not dresses or skirts, he preferred my pants and shirts.
He spent more time putting his make-up on in the morning and doing his hair then I did. I have never known anyone that could go through as much hair spray as him. He loved to make his long locks into big 8o’s hair. One time he came home from hanging with friends and he was dressed to the nines heels, stockings, and the works. I looked at him and said “You look pretty Princess, got tired of my clothes and borrowed someone else’s I see” He said to me “My gf thought it would be fun to dress me up and show me off at the library. How the heck do you walk in these heels without killing yourself? How on earth can chicks wear thongs? I can’t get these off fast enough.”

I sat and wondered that night. Could my son possibly be tg? Not to many teenage boys I know would go out dressed like that or wear the make-up and clothes he does every day. I always taught him to never be afraid to be himself. Then I wondered if I had any part of making him tg by surrounding himself with tg people most of his life. I wondered if it was my fault that he came home beat up all the time after being called “fag” because he chose to dress feminine. I realized you can’t make someone transgendered, its just the way they are born. I said my prayers and asked God to guide my son it what ever direction he found best for him and went to sleep.

My son is 19 now and still prefers girl’s clothes to boys. His clothes of choice are girl’s jeans and t-shirts. He still spends way more time getting ready then I do. He has had so much trouble finding a job because of the way he chooses to dress. He has finally found one in a night club. His favourite hang out is my favourite tg bar. His friends and girl friends all accept him. It makes no difference to me what he wears. I love him unconditionally.

I would never dream of using “he” when talking to any of my tg friends. It’s funny that I use “he” when talking about my son. He still likes to be addressed by his male name, Mike. Perhaps that’s why.

A mother’s love is unconditional. Who ever or what ever my children decide to be, decide to wear, decide to marry. I am there for them. I know that the world I have shown my children will be the world they one day show their children.

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  1. I was a single mom when my son was 8. He is now 21. At first I thought I was imagining things when I would my panty drawer different than I thought I had left it.One day I was sorting laundry and found one of my pair of panties that was sort of crusty. I immediately thought that my son was using them to jack off in. I had caught my brother doing it a few times that way so I just figured he is just being a boy.He was 13. It was a few weeks later when I again was doing laundry and burst into his room to put his laundry away. I found him in a pair of my panties with his cock hard and he was rubbing it.. He was startled and I felt bad for catching him so I told him that boys do that all the time and its OK. His cock had gone soft so I sat on the bed next to him and started telling him that all boys his age jack off and he shouldn't feel embarrassed or ashamed.. I also let him know that I knew he used my panties to jack off in and I was OK with that also. We talked a few minutes and he confessed that he enjoyed wearing panties and not just for jacking off. I admit I was surprised because he was all boy and played sports and all boy stuff. I have no idea why I stayed so cool about it but I let him know that I was also ok with that, I left his room and we didnt say anything about it for a few days when he came into the kitchen where I was making dinner. He was wearing a pair of my shorts and one of my tank tops and my pink tennis shoes. He actually looked cute in them

    I could tell by the look on his face he was waiting for me to comment but I just went around like nothing unusual was happening.. It was probably 30 minutes later and I went to my room and found one of my bras and took it back to the kitchen and told him if he was going to wear a woman's top he should wear a bra. I helped him into the bra and adjusted the straps to fit him. I loved the excitement in his eyes. . We had dinner and nothing was said about his dressing. I told him I had some errands to run so would he be a good girl and clean up the dinner dishes. Me calling him a girl made him light up like Christmas tree.

    I headed to Walmart and bought him 6 new pair of panties and 3 bras and a baby doll nighty and a skirt and blouse. I was actually very excited to give him all this new women's cloths.. When I got home she had cleaned the kitchen better than she ever had and was at the dinner table doing her homework. We uninterrupted her homework so she could see ll the new cloths I had bought her.. I didnt show her the nighty until it was bed time. She rushed to put it on and was excited showing me how it looked on her. I let her know right then I had no problem with her wearing my cloths as well as hers. Now as soon as she gets home from school she rushes to change . I have bought her lots of cloths over the years. I also bought her a couple wigs and some fake boobs. It took a couple weeks before she asked me to teach her how to do makeup. Now when he jacks off he leaves his bedroom door open so sometimes I get a glance of him doing it and a few times I think he was testing me about it. We would be sitting around visiting or watching TV and he just starts jacking off without saying a word. I just watch and smile

    About 6 months after this all started I came home from shopping and she was all dressed with wig and makeup and boobs and sitting in the living room visiting with my older adult son who hs his own place.I saw that my oldest didnt mind at all that he now had a little sister. Thats when I found out that my oldest is also a cross dresser. We regularly have a girls night



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