Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Forced Feminization

Take your boyfriend and make sure he knows you’re in charge. Then firmly dress him up like a pretty little girl in a sissy dress or any other super girly outfit. Then order him to twirl and model for you while you sit back and enjoy the show. This is what they call forced feminization - the act of stripping his masculinity away from him as part of a domination game and forcing him into the role of a girl.

Essentially it's a form of female domination - perhaps the most intense kind. Because not only is the male subdued by a lady who’s in charge and not only is he humiliated in a manner that’s intoxicating to both partners. But his maleness itself is subdued and hidden away under layers of frills and lace. His beautiful male heart is captured, overwhelmed and engulfed by femininity. After being subjected to feminization, he is now a girl to the outside, a soft feminine little creature and all that made him male is somewhere firmly tucked away under all the softness so nobody can see it. Yep, this really is the ultimate kind of female domination.

There’s more to this than just the forced crossdressing part. Beyond wearing very feminine clothes, FF often involves him taking on other feminine characteristics and also playing the role of stereotypical women or girls. Given the intensity and power as well as the intimacy that a couple experiences, it’s not surprising that FF is a very common theme in the femdom scene. It’s such a big area of its own that it’s become a community in itself.

What’s so exciting about it?

I can tell you why I like it: As someone who loves vulnerability in men, this is a great way to render him vulnerable. Humiliation is another strange one. Of course I don’t enjoy harming people - especially if I care about them, but if you do it right, humiliation can be a fantastic way to get to his heart. It’s like an emotional form of helplessness and vulnerability. Erotic humiliation is a very intimate act if anything. And feminizing him can be a very powerful way to humiliate a man.

Of course, with me, the fact is that my boyfriend enjoys wearing girls clothes and being feminized. Not much force is needed. But, even so, I can still see how he becomes humble and very submissive when feminized. He trusts me and puts his faith in my hands. He lets go of the need to be strong and fearless and isn’t afraid to be weak in my arms. What a beautiful gesture of love that is.

Why does a man like this? I think there are many aspects to it. The male drive to be close to the female is probably at the heart of it. I mean, what better way to be close to femininity than to be overwhelmed by it. So, ironically, FF is perhaps an expression of masculinity after all. Maybe that’s why there seem to be more men who like this than women (if my fan mail is anything to go by).

As in most forms of domination games, there is the idea of losing responsibility. A man who likes to crossdress but feels ashamed of it, might feel better about himself if he’s forced to crossdress. I should point out now that when I mean ‘forced’ I’m really talking about playing a game rather than real force in this article. Just so we’re clear on that.
Is this a new thing?
The concept as a form of humiliation or even punishment has been around for ages. You need not look far to find examples of this. But what I think is fairly new is the idea that FF might be fun for the man being feminized. And I’m not just talking about crossdressers who like being dressed up anyway and this is just another opportunity for them. I mean those who really like the idea of being dressed up against their will. Orperhaps this has been around too but only recently are we talking about these kind of kinks.

If any of you have some thoughts on the subject to share with us, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments. I ready every comment that comes here even if I don’t always respond.


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