Monday, October 19, 2015

Being My Wife Girl

I have been browsing your site for a while now and I very much like what I see. I am one of the lucky and very few transvestites who has a wife who participates and has always encouraged my feminine side. Unlike many who began dressing at an early age my dressing began with my wife showing an interest in wanting me in lingerie such as baby dolls and teddies so it's fair to say she feminized me or at least got me interested in feminine things. It was not forced, we discovered these pleasures together although I did feel my masculinity was in question and wondered how far was this going to go. It wasn't until I began shaving all over that I truly appreciated the feel and softness of lace and satin and the wonderful feminine feelings that came with it. The first time I fully dressed in heels and hose and a pretty dress was magic, there was no turning back, I loved what was happening. Like you my wife is not a Dominatrix but sees the playful side of cross dressing as well as the more serious side. I do not pass very well as a woman but I have been out several times in a dress and high heels and each time it was an emotional roller coaster that included fear, excitement and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. While some men need to climb mountains, race cars, skydive or involve themselves in contact sports my needs have been to explore my feminine side to the fullest. It's not something I can share with the guys over a few beers after work.

I can't speak for other transvestites but you are correct in saying that once a man has been feminized a woman has a fair bit of control over him. I like how you explained having your boyfriend wearing panties when out in mixed company and how he knows you could easily crush him by telling someone, there is a huge amount of trust here. And in my case you are certainly correct about men becoming maids to their wives or girlfriends. Many years ago we were in a fabric store looking for patterns for Halloween costumes when we spotted a pattern for a French maids dress. She picked it up and giggled and commented it wasn't something I would feel comfortable wearing as I would probably be ridiculed where we were planning to go but to me it also meant it wasn't something she would object to. I told her I'd wear it and to hell with what others thought so we bought it. But to make a long story short when I first slipped into that dress I felt like a complete sissy in front of her yet it was strangely exciting when she giggled. It was obvious she was amused and even though I felt somewhat embarrassed all I could think of doing was to curtsy and that got her laughing saying I'd have to learn to do better. I knew then and there where my crossdressing was going, I was going to become her maid. It's not full time nor am I expected to be her maid but I love doing household chores in my dress and I look forward to weekends so I can dress up and play the part, it gets the work done and my wife doesn't have to do it, it's a win win situation. As I mentioned in one of my posts here I never did wear my dress to the Halloween party, it wasn't just the fear of being ridiculed but since my legs were shaved and I had mastered walking in high heels there was no way people would believe this was my first time dressed and I wasn't ready to be outed as a transvestite in front of friends. On the up side of things though my wife tells me her friends often complain that their husbands are lazy and do nothing around the house and they know that I do lots, only not what I wear. She'd like to brag that she has a maid and offer my services but we both know it's best keeping our little secret but I must admit the thought of being sent to clean someone else's house has an element of fun to it. 

As much as I enjoy the playful side of dressing up I do have a serious side too. I have a fairly substantial wardrobe of skirts and blouses as well as sweaters and dresses and a lot of lingerie and shoes, much of it gifts from my wife. She has helped me pick things that suit me and encourages me to dress my age. I once bought a short plaid skirt that was more suited to a teenager and although she said it was cute I learned it's best that we discuss any purchases together. Some couples have boundaries, some don't but one thing is certain, when a woman prefers a feminine man he should not be afraid to explore the other side of the fence.

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  1. Yes, I totally get this. Having been a feminine man for quite some time I finally met a partner(now fiance)who actively enocurages my femine side and my living/presenting as a transwoman.And yes, she is my go-to-fashion advisor/consultant who quite often has the final say on my wardrobe.i am so lucky in this respect and don`t know what I have done to deserve this,the only issue is impatience on both our parts in exploring this fully.



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