Friday, October 30, 2015

The Pretty and Feminine Male!

Another Experience of a Mother making her on Better through Feminization!!!

I’ve been interested in reading accounts here and thought I would share my very positive experience with cross dressing my son. 

I’ve been divorced for many years and raising two boys on my own. They are now 10 and 7. My youngest has always been the perfect child, never a problem at all. My oldest has always been difficult and the older he has gotten the more difficult he has become. 

I believe that everyone in the household has to carry their weight and my boys have always had their chores to do. Picking up, house cleaning, doing dishes, helping with the laundry have always been shared by all of us since the boys were big enough to help. #2 is fine with that and helps the best he can. #1 has always been a fight to do ANYTHING. And its gotten worse as he’s gotten older.

One real pet peeve of mine was when #1 helps to fold laundry. Whenever he had to touch any of my underwear, it’s like he being forced to touch a long-dead animal. He’ll pick up a bra with two fingers hold it away from him and usually ends up tossing it somewhere. It just bugs the heck out of me. 

One day I was shopping at a resale store where I often pick up inexpensive clothes for the boys, I saw a young girl’s matching pink beginner bra and panty set. On a lark, I bought it, not being sure what I’d ever do with it but I brought it home and they sat in my drawer for months. Finally, I threw it in the laundry and when it came time to fold the laundry, I waited until he picked it up. When he reached the bra, he through his usually, “icky” thing and poked at it with a finger. 

I snatched it away from him and looked at it like I’d never seen it before. I said it was obviously not mine but looked like it was more for a little girl his size. I teased him about it and finally made him put both garments on. I said maybe now you’ll stop acting like you do and realize they’re only clothes and no big deal. 

I made him keep them on under his clothes for the entire day and noticed a change in him. He was obviously embarrassed to be wearing them but no longer had a desire to escape the house and chores to go play outside. 

I thought about it all week and come the following Saturday, made him put them on again first thing in the morning. The result was again, he stayed inside, actually helped somewhat with vacuuming and cleaning. And Sunday morning I let him change back to his regular underwear and go about his business. 

He was obviously intimidated or at least less demanding and independent than usual so I kept up the pattern every Saturday morning. This started last fall but has we got into winter and wearing heavier clothes, he seemed to realize he could go out and play and no one would ever know what he was wearing underneath. So, I added a skirt and blouse to his wardrobe and he wore that on weekends with good effect. No more skipping out the door. 

I have a sister who has twin girls two years younger than my #1. He’s always been nasty to them although #2 gets along fine with them. I told my sister what I had done which she thought was hilarious. She lives about 30 miles away and eventually, she brought her girls over one Saturday. 

Little girls being what they are did some serious giggling when they first saw #1 but things quickly settled in to normal but my sister and I noticed that #1 was much more pleasant to his cousins, in fact even played with them. Something he had almost never done. Frankly, we were amazed, but maybe we shouldn’t have been. He couldn’t go outside and play with his friends dressed like that, so his brother and cousins were his only choice. The girls frequently come over on weekends now the four play together better than they’ve ever before. The change in #1 has been remarkable. 

I work full time so summer is always difficult for me with the kids. In past years I’ve hired a teenage girl who stays with them during the day but this year my sister’s situation has changed to the point that she is in a position to keep them during the summer vacation, especially since #1 has become manageable.

We’ve decided to switch his dress-up pattern so that he will wear girl’s clothing while he’s at her house during the week, and boy’s clothes when he comes home. His hair is a long surfer boy style and it’s easily long enough to pass as a girl with it. We’re going to cut his bangs, girl-style, come the last day of school. And we’re going to see how spending the summer with them works out. 

It is truly amazing the difference this has made in him. I’m not trying to turn him into a girl or anything else and this is certainly temporary but I thought others might be interested in hearing about this. I know it’s not everyone’s idea of ideal child raising (and my boyfriend thinks I’m nuts) but in this case, it really seems beneficial for everyone.

Boys Enjoying Becoming Girls!!! 

The New Age Male....Secretary for the Independent Woman!

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  1. Merveilleuse histoire. Ah! Si toutes les Mamans pouvaient être aussi larges d'esprit la Féminisation des garçons pourrait faire de gros progrès, à mon sens pour le plus grand bien de la société. Les choses avancent nous dit-on, mais si lentement alors que le temps presse! Merci pour votre relation. Bises.



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