Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Transcendgender Way (by Michèle Angélique)

As discussed in my recent article, the Transcendental movement was sparked by a progressive literary guild in the 1800’s whose writings led to freedom for the slaves and uplifted the status of women. We at GenderEvolve are similarly, a literary guild writing to influence freedom for transgendered people and continued improvement of status of women. It is appropriate to renew the legacy of the Transcendentalists by forming a similar paradigm.

Let us direct our efforts to sparking the “Transcendgender” movement. To “transcend” is to rise above, to go beyond, to surpass. Applied in present context, it means to “rise above physical gender”. With this, let us define what holds us together as family and friends, sisters and brothers, for the common purpose of influencing a shift in societal perceptions about transgenderism.

A “Transcendgenderist” believes that all people are gifted with an inherent combination of feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) characteristics, independent of biology. Self-actualization is facilitated by understanding one’s own male and female selves, and building upon the strengths of either or both, without being encumbered by the status quo. Transcendgenderists seek abolition of all forms of gender discrimination, and aspire to achieve harmony and equality between man, woman, and everyone in between.

A Transcendgenderist expresses and embodies a unique blend of male and female qualities. (S)he bridges the gender gap through experiential transformation, which may be internal, external, temporary, permanent, frequent or rare, depending upon the individual. In the case of a biological male, transformation entails the internalizing and/or externalizing of a more feminine (Yin) perspective. In the case of a biological female, transformation is internalizing and/or externalizing a more masculine (Yang) perspective. In the case of one who is dedicated to transcending gender, ongoing introspection leads to the evolution of an external image which closely reflects the inner gender balance of that person.

Experiencing a broader realm of gender characteristics, a Transcendgenderist fosters strengths of both genders, while striving for emotional balance and a deeper sense of empathy. By reversing gender perception, a greater understanding is achieved, resulting in the awakening of dormant facilities and realization of latent potentials. Transcendgenderists become more complete human beings through experiential gender transformation, and are eventually able to go beyond, to transcend, gender conflict and become integrated at a higher level. The resulting whole person is greater than the original sum of male/female parts.

Transcendgenderists ascribe to the Transcendentalist motto that all people, regardless of gender, race, religion or creed, have the basic right to “be fully human”. Similarly, Transcendgenderists advocate freedom of expression, tolerance, acceptance, and celebration of diversity. The Transcendentalist movement began an era of progress toward supporting women in masculine roles. It is in this spirit which the Transcendgenderists advocate supporting men in feminine roles.

As a group following in a similar literary path, we at GenderEvolve shall push forth the reawakening of the same transcendent movement which emancipated our brothers and sisters of yore.

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