Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Women than I thought like crossdressers

Story by Fluffy
I first discovered crossdressing when I was in my late teens. I can’t say it was only about clothes. I was also very excited just about trying something I was not supposed to try. It was a big secret and I made sure to keep it that way. The thought of having a girlfriend who I could tell about it seemed like a dream and I didn’t think there were any women who might like it. Especially I love the petticoats and full skirts. It was such an amazing thing when I first tried one on - like a drug and I got hooked and I always will be. Never got much into the makeup thing though. I guess we all have our own type of crossdresser in us.

But fortune has it that I did meet someone special who I trusted enough to tell her about my crossdressing. I’m so lucky because like you she didn’t only accept me as a crossdresser but she even loved that part of me. In some of your articles you describe your relationship with your crossdressing boyfriend and it reminds me of my own that I had with my girlfriend. She persuaded me to put on girls’ clothes as often as I used to think of it myself. I’d never have thought that one day I’d be so lucky to have such a relationship. Clearly I was wrong that there are no women who like it. There are. I’ve met one myself.

This story is not only happy though I’m afraid. Our relationship didn’t last due to unfortunate circumstances of us ending up in different countries. But something great happened to me because of her. I’m not that lonely boy anymore who only dreams about meeting a woman who likes crossdressers. My ex girlfriend taught me that I can realistically expect to meet more women like that and your articles have reinforced that further. Now I’m much more optimist than before and I just know there are many women out there who love crossdressers. Please give this story to other crossdressers. I know how hard it can be to be optimistic when you’ve not yet told anyone but perhaps my story will help give them hope too.

Oh and I definitely think you’re right about how to come out to your girlfriend. If my ex would have found out years after knowing me she would never have been so open. It makes all the difference in the world telling her the right way.


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