Saturday, October 31, 2015

Facial hair removal for crossdressers

That’s facial hair removal, not getting a facial you pervert! I would like to explain here all about removing and trimming your facial hair for putting on makeup. My, there is so many steps we crossdressers have to do to get a great face! It all starts with how good a job you do removing unwanted hair. Now, if you really want to do a permanent job on your beard you can always use electrolysis or laser treatments.

But for most of us that’s too expensive and/or time consuming. So, we just have to use the old razor and wax. Now, I want to tell  you something I did once just in case you also might be stupid enough to try. I once took this wax sheet made for waxing your legs, and stuck it to the side of my face when I had a bit of stubble. I figured if it works on legs why not your face?

Now this was back when I first started out on all this hair removal  stuff, I knew nothing about it. Waxing my legs was pretty easy, not all that much pain, so the rest of your body must be the same, right? Sooooo, I warmed it up, pressed it real hard on my cheek, got a firm hold of one end and with one quick movement I snapped that baby down and out!

Have you ever heard of having a religious experience? Well I think I had one, I sure saw a bright flash of white light before my eyes! The pain was like getting a whip slashed across your face. I looked down at the paper, expecting to see a slab of meat on it! There was about 10 hairs pulled out by the thick roots, that’s all. The rest had just been pulled real hard but stayed on my poor face. So, WAXING YOUR FACE IS A NO NO! Now your brows are different, we will get to them on another page.

So, first you do a normal shave. But, it has to be a real close one. If you use an electric shaver, you HAVE to go over it with a razor. Use a new blade, I use those Venus razors for women from Gillette. They are meant for ladies legs, but do a great job on your face. Shave very closely, going in one direction then the next. Make sure you go low on your neck, getting it all.

Of course it goes without saying you can’t have sideburns if your going to try to be a lady. Keep them close up by the top of your ears. Now, go back to the area above your lips and the tip of your chin. Those areas always need extra shaving. Ok, so you’ve given yourself a close shave, great. Now for a few more areas. No crossdresser looks sexy with nose hair! Get a pair of cuticle scissors, or buy an electric nose hair trimmer, I use one myself. You must be in a well lit room.

Trim all the hair you see, everything. If it’s your first time you may pull a hair here and there, you’ll get use to it. Once it’s nice and trimmed, keep it that way! I never understand girls who want to look like they just snorted a nest of spiders. Ok, now on to your ears, yes another place good crossdressers don’t have hair. Use a handheld mirror while looking into your main one to see what your doing. Again the cuticle scissors or electric trimmer both work well.

Well you say, is that it? Almost! Next take a pair of tweezers. Get up close to the mirror, or get a good lit makeup mirror. Check out your nose, between your eyebrows, forehead, anyplace you did not shave for any stray hairs. Pluck any out with one quick pull. Ok, that’s it, your done! Well, done your face trimming. Next we do the brows, which is on another page. Hope you learned something. If nothing else, remember don’t WAX YOUR FACE!



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